PK studies in healthy volunteers: we can work with as many as 200 volunteers per study.

Types of dosage forms:

– oral tablets

– ODTs, lozenges and drugs with sub-lingual administration

– syrups and suspensions for oral administration

– sc, im and iv injections

– creams, ointments and lotions

– suppositories

– inhalational substances

– transdermal systems (patches and plasters)

PK/PD studies on healthy volunteers and also on selected populations, such as: patients with asthma (inhalers based on PK studies) or with COPD, patients with neurological, gynaecologic, oncology, dermatology diseases or with conditions treated by internal medicine, postmenopausal women, women with a hormonal imbalance or other endocrine diseases, elderly patients, overweight patients, patients with hypercholesterolemia or dyslipidemia

PK and tolerance studies in dermatology; studies with locally acting products (e.g. Orlistat); Phase I-IV clinical trials

PK Studies:

– drug interactions

– dose finding

– age & gender

– special populations (hepatic or renal failure)

– first-in-man

– bioavailability

– bioequivalence